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The Interbore Gun Lock
by Birotech

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Try our short test:  

Any weapon not under the immediate control of a responsible adult should be secured by a gun locking mechanism. 1
2. Gun locks DO NOT prevent the weapon from being loaded nor provide 100% prevention from accidental discharge. 2
3. Gun locks preclude use of a handgun in self-defense because they make it impossible to unlock & subsequently load the weapon in a timely manner. 3

HINT? At one time, these were all true, but, now,
only #1 is true.

The Interbore Gun Lock, the only gun lock able to safeguard a locked & loaded weapon, 100% safe and make it incapable of accidental discharge.

The Interbore Lock does so by simply & ingeniously installing itself through the muzzle and securely locks via a gentle expansion in the weapon's chamber, exactly where a round would need to be in order to fire!

Yet readying the weapon is as simple as turning a key and letting the lock fall away.
The surety of the Interbore Lock
shows in these X-rays of actual units locked into loaded weapons.

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X-Ray of Interbore lock installed in RevolverInterbore Safe Revolver
In this x-ray, one can clearly see the Interbore Lock's key cylinder at the muzzle end of the revolver.
Close inspection of the weapon's cylinder reveals 2 rounds (the dark black bullets backed by the lighter cartridge brass) positioned in their chambers to the right and below the Interbore's chamber block (the dark grey rectangle above the bullet and cartridge of the upper round.) The stem of the Interbore between the key cylinder and the chamber block locks the cylinder and prevents it from spinning or locating any round between firing pin and breach.
X-Ray of Interbore lock installed in Semi-AutoInterbore Safe Semi-Automatic
In this x-ray, as in the last, the Interbore Lock's key cylinder at the muzzle end of the weapon.
Interbore's chamber block (the dark grey rectangle in front of the boltface and above the trigger) can be seen as well as a magazine full of rounds (the black bullets backed by the lighter cartridge brass).
X-Ray of Interbore lock installed in Semi-AutoInterbore Safe Semi-Automatic
(After chambering attempt)
In this x-ray, the Interbore Lock's key cylinder remains in place at the muzzle end of the barrel while the slide has been drawn back in an attempt to chamber a round.
Interbore's chamber block (the dark grey rectangle slightly protruding into the ejection gap and above the first round) is clearly preventing the round from sliding into the chamber. The round, captured between the Interbore's chamber block and the boltface, now holds the slide back and open.


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Interbore Locks are sized according to gun type, caliber & barrel length.

Locks can be custom manufactured to accommodate any weapon of any barrel length, including large-bore rifles, & can be custom keyed if desired.

Fenrir stocks many sizes fitting hundreds of common models & calibers, per the simple table below:
Revolvers Semi-Auto SIZE MODEL
9mm   .357   .38   .380 1.75 - 3.25 2.75 - 4.25 A31 Small
3.25 - 4.75 4.25 - 5.75 A32 Medium
4.75 - 6.25 5.75 - 7.25 A33 Large
.40   10mm 1.75 - 3.25 2.75 - 4.25 B31 Small
3.25 - 4.75 4.25 - 5.75 B32 Medium
.44 2.75 - 4.25 3.75 - 5.25 C31 Small
4.25 - 6.25 5.25 - 7.25 C32 Medium
6.25 - 8.75 7.25 - 9.75 C33 Large
.45   .454 2.75 - 4.25 3.375 - 5.25 D31 Small
4.75 - 6.25 5.25 - 7.25 D32 Medium
6.25 - 8.75 7.25 - 9.75 D33 Large


|Why you need it |How it works |Sizes & Options |Contact Us |Top|

$20.00 each

Quantity, Distributor & Retail/Dealer P.O.S.
Discounts Available.

Dealer Inquiries Welcome

Law Enforcement discount available
Fenrir Industries, Inc. wholly supports the efforts of Law Enforcement & other agencies in all public efforts promoting gun safety including gun lock giveaway programs.
Fenrir will provide additional discounts on the Interbore to entities re-selling or providing gun locks as part of any Gun-Safety oriented Community Policing, Public Safety or other non-profit initiative.

1 Fenrir and Birotech define "immediate control" as being in close enough proximity to physically (not verbally or otherwise) prevent any chance of loading and discharging the weapon in an unsafe manner. For example: an adult standing immediately next to a small child or adolescent holding a weapon has the ability to establish "immediate control" over that weapon.   An adult standing 5 or more feet from the weapon does not.
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2 By definition, anything that does not prevent access to a revolver's cylinder or a semi-automatic's magazine (and slide/ejection port) enables the loading of a weapon. And, while there are many revolvers (or semi-automatics with hammer-driven firing pins) that will fire should the weapon be dropped onto its hammer while there is a round in position, almost any gun with a floating firing pin can discharge by being dropped either on its butt or barrel should a round be chambered into position.
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3 Because of the ability of many guns to fire upon being dropped, many conscientious gun owners smartly store their weapons in an unloaded and locked state. In an emergency/self-defense situation, these weapons need to be unlocked and then loaded before they can be of use. Those owners that store loaded weapons weigh the heavy risks between being able to defend themselves and accidental discharge.
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