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Fenrir Introduces Its New Ram Target Training Tool.

May 28, 1996      STAMFORD, CT     

Fenrir Industries, Inc., announces the successful development of the next product in its growing proprietary product offerings, The Ram Target.

The Ram Target is the first item of its kind to enable training of the repetitive muscle action required to instill "psycho-motor" training in an individual. Psycho-motor training is the education of a person's muscles to perform a repetitive task with increased efficiency through the absence of conscious thought.

The Ram Target is much like a football team's tackling sled and can be repeatedly struck by any kinetic forced entry tool including Fenrir's In-Forcer Ballistic Ram System. It can also be fitted with our Rammer's Gauge to provide instant real-time objective feedback indicative of the rammer's performance.

Fenrir Industries, Inc., is a developer, manufacturer and global supplier of law enforcement, public safety, and military equipment located in Stamford CT. Complete company and product information can be found at our web site at http://www.fenrir.com

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