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Fenrir Industries, Inc. Signs Master Distributor MOU With Thor Defense   -  August 7, 2003


None scheduled


Expert Suggests New Ways to Secure Cockpits, Cargo Holds;
Says Air Carriers Slow to Adopt Some Changes.  -
  August 28, 2002

Fenrir Industries, Inc. launches new website.  -  July 25, 2002

Fenrir Industries, Inc. to offer 1,000,000 shares.  -  July 1, 2002

Fenrir Now Carries Hard Armor Shields.  -  August 24, 1999

Elizabeth Muller Now a Patented Inventor!.  -  August 17, 1999

Fenrir Now Carries the Interbore Gun Lock!.  -  June 30, 1999

Fenrir Introduces Its New Stressing Lever!.  -  March 30, 1999

Fenrir Introduces the In-ERT Static Ram!.  -  March 28, 1999

Fenrir Introduces Its Unique Forced Entry Training Trailer.  -  July 20, 1998

Fenrir Introduces World's First Practice Door for Realistic Forced Entry Training.  -  July 20, 1998

Fenrir Launches into Cyberspace!.  -  January 21, 1998

Fenrir Introduces The End of "The Fatal Funnel," - Full Coverage Ballistic Protection for Rammers.htm.  -  May 16, 1997

Fenrir Introduces Its New Ram Target Training Tool.  -  May 28, 1996

Fenrir Introduces Real Time Feedback During Psychomotor Training for Rammers.  -  May 28, 1996

Fenrir Introduces The In-Forcer Ballistic Ram System.  -  April 23, 1995

Fenrir Industries, Inc. Relocating to Stamford, CT.  -  February 3, 1993

Fenrir Industries, Incorporated.  -  September 1, 1992

Fenrir Industries, Inc., is a developer, manufacturer and global supplier of law enforcement, public safety, and military equipment located in Stamford CT. Complete company and product information can be found at our web site at http://www.fenrir.com

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