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Fenrir Introduces the In-ERT Static Ram!

March 28, 1999      STAMFORD, CT     

Fenrir Industries, Inc., announces the latest step forward in its proprietary product line and a step backward to the days of static rams with a new and improved entry ram, the In-ERT Ram.

Most all commercial rams sold nowadays are concrete filled plastic pipes with molded on epoxy end caps. Concrete is a great material for compression, but concrete breaks up on impact.

Furthermore, epoxy mushrooms rapidly and/or loses its hold on the end of the concrete filled rams.

The net result is the epoxy end cap coming off and sand falling from the ram, normally at the most inopportune time, namely the Entry!

And the plastic case has a tendency to crack at the low temperatures found in many areas.

The In-ERT Ram has a solid steel core molded into a ultra high strength black polymer slug. It has the same form, fit and function as the other ram, but does not get brittle at -45 degrees F nor does it melt at 450 degrees F.

The In-ERT Ram comes in all the usual sizes and weights, offers a 1-year warranty, and a $25.00 trade-in bounty on your busted-up concrete ram.

Fenrir Industries, Inc., is a developer, manufacturer and global supplier of law enforcement, public safety, and military equipment located in Stamford CT. Complete company and product information can be found at our web site at http://www.fenrir.com

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