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Fenrir Industries was founded by Robert L.Muller, Jr. in 1992 after he and his daughter were watching an episode of Fox Television's C*O*P*S program that depicted U.S. Marshals out on a warrant serve raid.

The team consisted of about 15 Dallas Cowboys linebacker types and one, very slight team leader. The door to be breached was a simple wooden panel door the team leader tried to kick open about 15 times, each time falling backwards into the arms of the two nose-guards on either side of him, who dutifully propped him back up for the next kick.

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Fenrir's founder thought this not only oddly inefficient, but very dangerous, and although lacking any law enforcement experience, he proceeded to call several friends that did and they confirmed his suspicions.

For the the next three and a half years, Muller used his Georgia Tech Mechanical Engineering degree and, working with the Danbury and several other Connecticut police departments, developed the In-Forcer Ballistic Ram System.

Over the years, Muller added to the Fenrir team, and other products became obvious to them, such as the Tactical Team Door Shield and the Forced Entry Training Trailer.

Those who are truly interested in a blow-by-blow, chronological account of an emerging, start-up company can click here.

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