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Fenrir Introduces Its Unique Forced Entry Training Trailer.

July 20, 1998      STAMFORD, CT     

Fenrir Industries, Inc., announces the world's first mobile training facility for forced entry, the Forced Entry Training Trailer.

The Forced Entry Training Trailer is over-the-road certified and measures 25' tongue-to-tail and 8.25' wide. It expands to an 18' by 20' platform in 20 minutes by two men. Located on the platform is a mock wall and the Company's Practice Door.

The Practice Door is a door which can open yet not break. The Door utilizes a patent pending adjustable mechanism to vary door resistance from nothing to locked solid in order. The Door also has removable inserts (as does the door frame) which can be replaced with wood or mild steel to mimic the breaching of wood or steel doors. The door can also be inverted to open inwards or outwards on either a left- or right-hand swing.

The Trailer provides a "cramped hallway" simulation on one side of the Door and an open area on the opposite side in which other obstacles can be arranged, including pop-up or static targets.

Weighing 3,000 pounds, the Trailer can be easily towed by any police vehicle with a Class III hitch, including a cruiser, and does not require additional electronic or other such additional trailer brakes.

The Trailer and wall sections are made of structural fiberglass that is resistant to paint, UV and fire.

A larger semi-tractor-trailer size version is also available. The larger size is 8' by 42' over the road and expands to 53' by 42' complete with a stair practice area, observation deck, and full armor.

Fenrir Industries, Inc., is a developer, manufacturer and global supplier of law enforcement, public safety, and military equipment located in Stamford CT. Complete company and product information can be found at our web site at http://www.fenrir.com

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