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Fenrir Now Carries the Interbore Gun Lock!

June 30, 1999      STAMFORD, CT     

Fenrir Industries, Inc. announces a distribution agreement with Birotech to carry the patented Interbore Gun Lock.

This is the Compay's first step to expand its product offering by cross marketing with other unique products such as the Interbore.

The Interbore Gun Lock is unique is the fact that it locks in the weapon's chamber, not trigger, seer pin or other location.

Yet the Interbore is NOT a barrel lock. The teflon coated aluminum lock actually floats in the barrel, locking by ingeniously and simply expanding in the weapons chamber at the point where it is retained in semi-automatics at the seating line or in revolvers at the forcing cone.

This means the weapon can actually remain loaded and remain safe. In semi-automatics, the Interbore allows for a full magazine to be installed but no round to be chambered. In revolvers, the Interbore extends into one of the chambers of the cylinder and prevents the cylinder from being rotated to bring a round into position.

Any attempt to destructively defeat the Interbore results in the locking part broken off and left in place, necessitating a tear down/dismantling of the weapon to be cleared.

The Interbore lock is a tremendous advance in safety in light of recent announcements, testing, and safety recalls concerning the revelations as to just how simply many of the more well known locks can be defeated.

A weapon with the Interbore installed can still be holstered in many holsters and even dry fired.

Fenrir Industries, Inc., is a developer, manufacturer and global supplier of law enforcement, public safety, and military equipment located in Stamford CT. Complete company and product information can be found at our web site at http://www.fenrir.com

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