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Jim Dunnigan's "Dirty Little Secrets" column is on hiatus until we negotiate a new contract.

Until that happens, "Dirty Little Secrets" can still be found on Jim's web site, "Strategypage.com"

"Dirty Little Secrets"
by James F. Dunnigan

Jim Dunnigan

James F Dunnigan works as an advisor and lecturer to the Army War College, State Department, National Defense University, Naval Post Graduate School, CIA, and MORS.
He is the author of over one hundred historical simulations and fifteen books, including the modern military classic "How to Make War," which has been current and in print for 16 years selling over half a million copies.
He serves as a military analyst for NBC and MSNBC, and he also appears frequently as a military affairs commentator for ABC, CBS and CNN as he did throughout the Persian Gulf War.
Mr. Dunnigan served in the U.S. Army from 1961 to 1964, and is a graduate of Columbia University.

Jim Dunnigan @ MSNBC

Write to James Dunnigan at: Dunnigan@Paradigm-TSA.com

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