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Al Webb's "Notes from a Tangled Webb" column is on hiatus until we negotiate a new contract.

Please check back soon or send us a e-mail by clicking our logo above and we'll notify you when he is back.

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"Notes From A Tangled Webb"
by Al Webb

Al Webb

Newspaper readers throughout the world have recognized the Al Webb byline for years and associated it with sprightly, accurate reporting on world shaking events ranging from the first man in space to wars in Vietnam, Lebanon and the Iran-Iraq conflict.
Beginning as a police reporter in Knoxville, Tennessee, Al Webb has held a number of reporting and editorial positions in New York, London, Brussels and the Middle East both with UPI and U.S. News and World Report.
During his career he has been nominated for two Pulitzer Prizes. And he is one of only four civilian journalists to be awarded a Bronze Star for meritorious action in Vietnam where, during the Tet Offensive, he was wounded while dragging a wounded Marine to safety.

Write to Al Webb at: Webb@Paradigm-TSA.com

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